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Commissioning an artwork is a great way to give someone a truly unique and meaningful gift.  From small pencil drawings to large inked landscapes, together we will bring your idea to life!

I offer a free consultation for anyone considering commissioning an artwork. I'm happy to chat on the phone, with a webcam over Zoom, or meet in person if you're in the area of South Cumbria (usually in a café, my treat!). These usually take around 30 minutes. Please complete the form below and I'll be in touch!

So what things should you consider when commissioning an artist?

What size?​

Small or large? Does it need to fit a particular wall space or picture frame?

Generally speaking, the bigger the artwork the more it will cost due to increased time and potentially special materials.


Do you have one or multiple photographs you'd like the to be based on? If so, remember that artistic license is in play! This means you can change things from the photo. For example, you could pick and choose different aspects from each image (the sky from one, a tree from another etc), add or remove people or animals, create reflections on water, and so on. You get to decide!

When medium?

I'm most well known for my stylised fineliner art pieces, but I am skilled in other art mediums and can produce less stylised (i.e. more realistic-looking) landscapes or portraits in pencils, pastels, and acrylic or oil paints. Please note, oil paintings will cost significantly more due to the increased cost of materials and the time it takes for the work to dry.


How quickly do you need the commission completed? If you need it more quickly, then consider a smaller sized piece.

book your free consultation!

Complete the form below, giving a brief description of your commission idea. I'll be in touch regarding the best time for your free consultation via phone, Zoom, or in person (if in South Cumbria area). 

Please note, there is absolutely no requirement for you to go ahead with the commission after your consultation!

Free Consultation?

Thanks for submitting!

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